CEO video interview with Proactive

Wikisoft Corp. CEO Carsten Kjems Falk tells Proactive the San Francisco-based group has been harnessing big data to build out its business profile platform

About Wikisoft

In line with increasing globalization, we believe that there is a growing demand for access to credible company and employee information worldwide.

Wikisoft’s flagship online platform,, aims to be a powerful solution with tools and resources for businesses and business professionals to find valid information quickly and easily so that they can make informed career and hiring decisions.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, Wikisoft seeks to process raw data elements and refine them into tangible and valuable insights for businesses and business professionals.

Our Vision and Strategy

Our vision is to create opportunity globally for business professionals and businesses to make informed career and hiring decisions.

Manifesting this vision requires scaling information technology with high data validity across the key pillars: business professionals, businesses, job opportunities and professional skills.

By pursuing this vision, we believe Wikisoft can enable users to connect to business opportunities on a global scale.

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