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<p>This gap nurtured the concept of Wikisoft, a business search engine that can be used not only for the purpose of creating a business database but information other’s can trust, rely on and consider before making solid business decisions. The idea is to restore confidence in digital information and verify every piece of information before others can view the same. </p>
<p><br></p> <b>Wikisoft works to:</b>
<b><pclass="title_work">1. Establish Confidence in Business data</p></b>
<p>Wikipedia’s focus is towards the big corporations. Still, the online encyclopedia excludes many established companies because of its strict criteria and even then most of the information is restricted to corporate structure rather than the actual business. Hence the need for a platform to present less-publicized companies with fair and full information about products, key data and profiles was felt. As a result, Wikisoft was established to offer a level-playing-field for all.</p>
<p>To ensure a user friendly approach, Wikipedia‘s interface has been implemented where individuals with only a basic knowledge of Wikipedia can interact effortlessly with Wikisoft community.</p>
<b><pclass="title_work">2. Establish Confidence for high ranking professionals</p></b>
<p>According to a study published in the Wall Street Journal in 2008, 358 cases encompassing the senior level managers of global corporations, at least seven instances of cheating were found, where individuals attributed themselves to academic qualifications they never actually had. While in Denmark individual cases such as Anna Cast Berg and Stein Bagger were observed, the international market is filled with top managers that make false statements about academic credentials. </p>
<p>This is where Wikisoft comes in. It works as an impartial third party to enlist the qualifications of a job applicant including background and past experiences. This makes WIkisoft a credible source of information, unlike Linkedin and other sites where information can be posted and even pushed by using biased and self chosen references.</p>
<b><pclass="title_work">3. Verify and edit data </p></b>
<p>To create a platform comprising data that is trustable, a system of peer review was launched, where other users can assess the individual's profile to ensure that the information provided is accurate. This results in an unbiased and credible profile of every user. The community does not delete un-verifiable information, but denies access to the luring "Verified" brand.</p>
<p><bclass="title_work">4. Let’s make internet better. Together</b></br>
We believe that trust is essential to ensure a better future for honest, hard-working companies and individuals. The more openness and transparency, the better it is for all stakeholders. False claims have always existed, but our goal is to use this network to limit the tendency.</p>
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