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<p>Wikipedia is one of the few platforms trusted for the information available online; however, its theme is too generic and only provides basic data about a business or individual. For instance, a business can only mention information that describes its scope of work and general functioning etc. but information such as financial progress, investment portfolio, future ventures can’t be posted unless on company’s corporate website, which in most cases is not trusted.</p>
<p>This gap nurtured the concept of Wikisoft, a business search engine that can be used not only for the purpose of creating a business database but information other’s others can trust, rely on and consider before making solid business decisions. The idea is to restore confidence in digital information and verify every piece of information before others can view the same. </p>
<p><br></p> <b>Wikisoft works to:</b>
<b><p class="title_work">1. Establish Confidence in Business data</p></b>
<p>The Wiki brand has a worldwide recognition, thus acting as a guarantee for the accuracy of information. </p>
<p>Wikiprofile include more than 328 million articles about companies, top brands and business professionals.</p>
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